I first visited South Africa in 2012, and was really disappointed with the photos when I returned home. The animals were beautiful but my photos didn’t do them justice, there was no life or spark to them. It was then that I decided that I really enjoyed photography but seriously needed to improve.

The following year we went to South Africa and Namibia. We had weight restrictions as we were flying around the Skeleton Coast in a tiny plane so I upgraded my camera, not to a DSLR but to an Olympus mirrorless camera. It is this camera that I have stuck with despite a local wildlife photographer refusing to allow me on one of his courses unless I had a proper camera.....

I now spend most of my free time taking photos. Luckily Peter soon came to share my love of photography and joined in. Very important when it involves setting the alarm at 4am or earlier. 

Peter and I love nature so days not at work are spent in the countryside photographing whatever the season brings and holidays are now based on locations where we can capture nature at it’s best . 

We have been fortunate to spend time learning from some of the best wildlife photographers - David LLoyd, Vincent Munier, Jan van der Greef, Greg du Toit and Tom Way. As well as Finn Hopson, a local landscape photographer who we seem to randomally bump into at strange times of the day.