Cairngorms January 2017

I have just returned from a stunning four night stay in the Cairngorms. The weather had been really mild and I was desparately hoping for snow and as if by magic the snow started falling the night before I arrived and continued until the day I left.

I stayed at the Grant Arms with Peter, Pete Yarrow and Marcus Conway. We hired Marcus as our guide for the stay and apart from being a lovely guy is incredibly knowledgeable about the wildlife and countryside. We had great sightings of crested tits, robins, red grouse, snow buntings and mountain hare but sadly the ptarmigan remained elusive. I guess that this is a good reason to return !!

The trip was such a sucess that Peter and I have decided that Svalbard should be the next big aventure for 2018. Snow, ice, great light and hopefully a polar bear or two.