Skokholm is a tiny island off of the Pembrokeshire coast. There is no heating, no electricity, no wifi and no hot water unless the sun shines..... It is an idyllic location if like me you want to take photos of puffins with sand eels in their bills. There are thousands of the wee birds and no more than 26 people on the island at one time. As well as puffins there are Manx Shearwater, Storm Petrels, Guillemots, Razorbills and rabbits.

I have just returned from a really magical time on the island. The weather can only be described as wild and challenging.... so much so that I had to stay an extra night as the sea was too rough for the boat to land. It was a shame that it couldn't have been longer.....Two things I have learn't from this trip is that my goretex jacket is no longer waterproof and tinned curry is actually very tasty !!